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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions outline your rights and responsibilities when you access the website and/or become a user of this site. by accessing or using our site, you are automatically bound by all of these Terms and Conditions.



Visitors and users comprise a party and are referred to in terms of “you,” “you’re,” “your,” “visitor,” “user”

The company comprises the other party to this agreement and is referred to in terms of “us,” “our,” “we,” “the company,” “the website,” and “”

Site Content

Content means any text, images, visuals, videos, audios or any other communication that users or the company publishes on the site.

Company content means anything that publishes on the site

User content means anything that a user may post or publish on our site

Third-party content refers to any content that is posted or published by a party that is not a user or the company/website

Changes to These Terms and Conditions

We have the right to change or amend any of these terms and conditions whenever we deem appropriate or necessary. When changes or amendments occur, we will publish those on our site. They are in effect as soon as they are published, and all visitors and users are bound by them.

User Use of the Website

  1. Age: Users must be 18 years old to join our site and to enter into any agreement, including this one. If we discover that anyone under the age of 18 is a user, then we will take appropriate action. We want parents/guardians to provide verifiable approval of minors who use our site.
  2. Risk: Every visitor and user accesses our site, sets up an account, and begins to participate at their own risk. If a user posts or accesses content that is false, illegal, or in any way inappropriate or that violates our content restrictions, they do so at their own risk. We are not responsible for any consequences that may occur.
  3. One Account Only: Users may have only one account on our site. Violation of this term will result in immediate termination.
  4. Suspension and Termination: We have the right to suspend and/or discontinue our website at any time.
  5. Personal Use Only: Users agree that their accounts are for purely personal purposes, as opposed to commercial purposes.
  6. User Accounts: users set up accounts when they join our site. These are password-protected and it is the user’s responsibility to keep that password confidential. We are not responsible when user’s share their passwords with others.
  7. Notifications from the Company: when a user establishes an account on our site, that user automatically agrees to receive communications from the company. Any concerns about privacy are addressed in our Privacy Policy.

User Responsibility for Content

Users take full responsibility for the content they post or publish on our site and that includes all risk for any consequences that might occur. Further, we do not support or endorse any content published by a user, and no user may represent their content as being approved or endorsed by us.

  1. If a user publishes any content that violates any legal authority within his/her or our jurisdictions, user assumes all responsibility for this violation. Any content that is false, offensive, pornographic, inflammatory, plagiarized, or is in violation of any copyright laws, will be removed by us, and, depending upon the nature of the violation, consequences may range from suspension/termination or account and reporting to law enforcement authorities.
  2. Company Rights to User Content. We have the right to use any user content in any way we see fit. This includes re-publishing it, modifying it, or using for our own commercial purposes. User understands that any content he publishes is public.
  3. Use of Company Content. We won all of our own content and it is protected by copyright laws. No user may re-use our content in any way without our written permission. Should users re-use our content in any way without our permission, we will take legal action.
  4. Company has the right to place advertisements anywhere on its site.
  5. Users may access our content through feeds. If they do so, and re-publish it on their social media accounts, they must provide proper citation to our company.
  6. User content does not reflect the opinions or views of other users or of the company. No user may represent our support for any content he publishes.

Policies and Other Guidelines/Restrictions

User agrees to be bound by the provisions of this terms and conditions and the company privacy policy. User further agrees to the following:

  1. Company may re-publish user content and provide that content to third parties.
  2. Should user violate these terms and condition or any of the content guidelines and restrictions we have established we will evaluate the violation and pursue legal action when necessary.
  3. User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the company for any consequences related to content he publishes or any other actions he may take on our website.
  4. User agrees not to violate any copyright laws. Company may delete any content it believes to be plagiarized, and user may appeal our decision. Company will notify the original owner of any plagiarized content of a user violation.
  5. User accepts the obligation to inform the site administration if they believe any plagiarized content has been published.

Third Party Links

We do place third party links on our site. user access these links at their own risk and the company bears no responsibility for any consequences from that access. The company does not guarantee the security nor endorse any product or service of a third party.

Termination of Account

The company has the right to terminate a user account for any reason. User may appeal this termination.

Entire Agreement

This document constitutes the entire terms and conditions agreement between users and the company.

Company reserves the right to terminate this site, or to modify and amend it in any way.

Should any legal jurisdiction determine that any part of this agreement is in violation of any aw, all other terms and conditions still apply.