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Best College Essay Help: What are the Study Levels and Language Requirements?

Go back to elementary school for a moment. Think about the first times that you had to write sentences and paragraphs. The topics were simple and the sentences were composed of a simple subject and verb. The language was really elementary, because your vocabulary was limited.

Now move onto middle school. You were expected to write essays in English class and some simple research essays or papers in some other classes. Your writing was certainly more sophisticated than it was in elementary school, and the language requirements were of a higher level. You were expected to use complex and compound sentences, develop a thesis statement, and construct good supporting paragraphs to support that thesis.

In high school, expectations increased. Structural and language requirements moved on to a new level. Research and analysis and more sophisticated sentence and paragraph construction challenged you.

Now College – And Greater Expectations

Language requirements for college build upon what you produced in high school, but formal and scholarly research and writing take on new meaning. And within the college environment, expectations will also differ based upon college degree levels.

Still, by the time a student reaches the undergraduate level, instructors and professors assume that their students are skilled in scholarly research and writing. If students enter college without those skills, they will have to find help, if they intend to meet college language requirements. Using the college writing lab will help, but mastering the skills is a process. In the meantime, there may be a need to use a professional writing service for essays and papers.

The issue for college students is this: No matter what their major field of study, they are expected to have mastered sophisticated writing skills. When a math major must produce a research paper for a required history class, he must understand that a grade on that paper will not only be a factor of his research and the thoughts and concepts he may be presenting. It will also be based upon his ability to write at a college level of expectations.

And, as levels of college degrees move into Master’s and Ph.D. programs, the requirements only increase.

A Basic College Requirements List of Language Skills

College research and writing requires language skills that most students master in English classes as they progress from elementary through high school. By the time a student is in college, here are the skill levels that he must demonstrate:

  1. Ability to conduct research from primary source material and to interpret that source material as it applies to a thesis statement.

  2. Ability to construct a scholarly thesis statement. At the graduate level, this becomes a research question and/or hypothesis for a research project.

  3. Ability to construct paragraphs that flow logically in support of a thesis. Coupled with this skill is the ability to craft solid transitions between paragraphs and sections of a piece of writing.

  4. Mastery of sophisticated sentence construction, verb tense consistency, agreement, and use of formal tone and style.

  5. Vocabulary that is consistent with the level of study. Many students make use of thesaurus resources to assist with vocabulary.

  6. Full academic honesty in the citing of sources whose words, concepts, ideas, and positions are being addressed.

  7. Critical analysis skills that allow an evaluation of the credibility and validity of resources that are used.

Many of these skills are not always equated with language skills, but they are indeed all a part of what is necessary to produce written work that is worthy of college level and beyond.

If you face challenges in any of these required areas, you will need to get help. Do not ignore your skill deficits. Instead, find ways to fill those gaps you have and, in the meantime, consider getting some high quality essay writing help.