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We’re not certain exactly how long has been in the writing business, but we have been able to find comments, feedback and customer reviews of FlashEssay going back at least five years. So, the company is well-established. The company website is well organized, with links to all important pages, and there is quite a bit of information provided. In conducting this review, we have used all of our common criteria – website content, FlashEssay testimonials on the site, reviews we have found on the web and that have been submitted to us by our site users, our experiences with customer support, pricing, discounts and benefits, and, as we always do, the results of a research paper we order and receive. Here is what we have found.

Services Offered

Flash Essay offers every type of academic writing product a student might face. But, there is more. Students may order admissions and scholarship essays, personal statements, STEM coursework help, test-taking, and editing/proofreading. It also had a department dedicated to resume/cv and cover letter creation, and another one for copywriting services. Basically, Flash Essay is a full-service writing agency.

Quality of Products/Services

This is the most important part of our review of Flash Essay because it is what customers are really looking for – high quality. Flash Essay does not disappoint. Here are all of the factors involved in our evaluation of quality:

  1. We looked at the samples and blog posts on the site. They were well-structured and written, and cited resources were suitable for the academic levels

  2. The blog posts provided a variety of articles with writing strategies and tips – good variety and well-written

  3. Reviews of that we found online and feedback that was submitted to us were all very positive and complimentary. Many stated they had used this writing service for a long time and always got what they wanted.

  4. The research paper we received reinforced the praise that other customers have given. It was excellent.

Added to this is a BBB membership with a Triple-A rating.

Quality of Customer Support

As we always do, we contacted customer support on two occasions – once by phone and once by live chat. In both cases, we were very satisfied with the answers to our questions and to the help we received in filling out our order form. We are convinced that these agents are true employees of the company, not part of an answering service which many companies use.

Pricing and Discounts prices are reasonable for the quality customers received. They begin at $12.99/page at the high school level and move up to $48.00/page for research and writing at the Ph.D. level. In terms of discounts, new customers can pick up Flash Essay promo codes for up to 15% off a first order. There are also lifetime discounts based on total pages ordered or money sent. Those how to qualify will be given and discount code for their money off. We were also told that customers can pick up a FlashEssay coupon during pricing specials throughout the year.

Is Flash Essay safe? Yes, absolutely. The company protects both personal and financial information.

Additional Benefits

Customers receive the normal freebies – title page, table of contents, bibliography, revisions, and plagiarism reports. There are also some fee-based benefits that can be ordered when filling out the order form.


Our review of Flash Essay resulted in a lot of impressive findings. Quality if high; customer support is efficient and effective; and customers are well-pleased with what they get. Our rating of is “Superior.” customer review (1)

Priscilla commented
Support 4.8/5
Price 4.8/5
Delivery 4.8/5
Quality 4.7/5

All together the research paper with a proposal gained the top score with enough great comments from my teacher. So cool to hear about the amazing job you`d done, nevertheless it wasn`t you who wrote it. I`m sure there are going to be many-many times for me to use flash essay again.

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Alexander commented

The best resource you can ask for a help! Mine essay was put together in a fast and pro way. Extremely cool.

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